Fighting for All Voters in Michigan’s 8th District


To truly represent the will of the people and fight for results every day!



Voting to elect Mike Detmer to the U.S. Congress means electing a diehard defender of God, Family, and the Constitution who values getting true results and giving actual representation to the people every day, without exception.



  • Gun Rights
  • Pro-Life
  • Infrastructure
  • Support for our Veterans

The Leadership Our State Needs Now!

A Family Man

Mike and Alice have been married for over 17 years. They are blessed with two GREAT kids, one of which has special needs. God, Family and Friends are the Pillar of their Strength. Something they will never take for granted.

My wife Alice, our 2 children and I are grateful for everything the people of our communities do and it would be an honor to give back! That’s why I’m running to be our Congressman. Together we can win…hopefully I can earn your support. Thank you so very much for your consideration!


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