Meet Mike Detmer

Raised in Oakland. Living in Livingston. All Michigan.

Mike grew up in a small town in northern Michigan near Traverse City where his parents owned a real estate company and a Christmas tree business. It was as a boy and young man in northern Michigan where he began to learn the value of hard work by spending his days in the Christmas tree fields when not in school. Mike also learned about the outdoors and became a proficient hunter and sportsman. When Mike was a freshman in high school, his parents moved him to Rochester Hills Michigan where he finished high school at Rochester Adams High. After high school, he attended Oakland University where he studied political science and served as President of the Young Republicans from 1996 through 1998. Mike graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After college, Mike worked as a loan originator for a mortgage broker based in Bloomfield Hills and quickly worked his way up to Vice President of the company. In 1999 he met his lovely wife Alice and married in 2001. In 2002, the couple moved to Kansas and opened a branch of the Michigan-based mortgage company. In 2004, Mike switched gears and jumped into the automotive industry after the mortgage company he worked for dissolved in Michigan.

After almost 12 years in Kansas, Mike and his wife decided to leave and move to Florida where their son Zach could finish high school. Their son is profoundly deaf and schools in Kansas were less than ideal. They picked a school in Port St. Lucie Florida that had a renowned deaf program where – for the first time – Zach could not only get the proper education but also attend with other deaf peers. He graduated with honors and friends!

In 2015, the Detmer family relocated back to Michigan and purchased a home in Howell to be near Alice’s family and to focus on education for their daughter.

Mike’s work in the automotive business and Alice’s career as a local Realtor have allowed them to really come to know, connect and appreciate the character, charm, and integrity of the people of Livingston County. After having spent many years away, they feel it was like coming home, which is why Mike has decided to run for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District.

“Mike Speaks Michigan.” He understands and shares the sentiment and values of those who live in the 8th Congressional District, who deserve trusted leadership in elected office with a main objective to truly represent the people.

Mike’s Contract With Michigan will deliver results for the people of the 8th Congressional District, not resistance to politicians in Washington D.C. It will get them results, not excuses. Mike has vowed to take his common sense, straight-forward and no-excuse business approach to D.C. to get things done!