Results, Not Resistance

Mike’s Contract With Michigan will deliver results for the people of the 8th Congressional District, not resistance to politicians in Washington D.C. It’ll expand economic opportunities for all, increase choice in and access to healthcare while preserving protections for pre-existing conditions, and push for immigration reform.

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Protect Jobs. Create Opportunities.

Michigan can become an absolute economic powerhouse again. Under the Trump Administration, the country continues to experience record low unemployment rates across all sectors. But there is still work to be done to ensure all Michiganders willing to work can find meaningful employment. That will require a two-step strategy.

First, Mike will work each and every day to ensure there are avenues and safeguards to protect the gains we have made under the Trump Administration.

Second, Michiganders must be empowered in order to prosper in a freer and fairer market. The federal government should do what is necessary to help protect all American jobs and open up new markets abroad. We will work to simplify the tax code for both businesses and individuals, and encourage states like Michigan to follow suit.

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Lower Costs. More Choice. Better Access.

According to a report from The Commonwealth Fund, the average combined premium and deductible cost for a worker in Michigan was $5,500 in 2017. WalletHub ranked the state 6th for cost and only 18th for access in 2018. Overall, they ranked Michigan 30th.

Michiganders deserve better. Together, we can lower costs, increase personal choice and better access while preserving protections for pre-existing conditions.

But it will require a real outsider who will stand up to the healthcare industry lobby in D.C.

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Border Security. Fair Immigration Reform

The United States of America has a crisis at the southern border. Thousands of illegal border crossing occur each and every day. In March of 2019, authorities apprehended 92,607 immigrants who entered the country illegally, the highest monthly total in more than a decade.

Americans are the most generous people on Earth. But politicians, special interest and downright hostile actors have been taking advantage of our generosity for decades. The border crisis is a D.C.-created problem, the result of flawed public policy, outright corruption and a dereliction of duty.

It’ll take a D.C. outsider to fix a D.C. problem. With your support, here’s how Mike intends to solve it.

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U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge

I, Mike Detmer, pledge that as a member of Congress I will cosponsor and vote for the U.S. Term Limits Amendment of three (3) House terms and two (2) Senate terms and no longer limit.

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Second Amendment Gun Rights

As a lifelong gun owner, outdoorsman, hunter and someone who understands the fine line between freedom and tyranny, Mike is opposed to any infringement to our right to keep and bear arms. He will fight to protect the Second Amendment for the people of Michigan’s 8th Congressional District and the entire nation.

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The sanctity of life must be protected. I believe God makes no mistakes and all life is precious,
beginning at conception.

“I will draft legislation that will mirror Ohio’s House Bill 493, The Heartbeat Law.”

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated
you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

~Jeremiah 1:5

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Support for Our Veterans

One of the biggest issues plaguing Michigan Veterans who need immediate action or care is the shortage of Veteran
Benefit Experts, or Veteran Service Officers.

In fact, Michigan ranks 48th in the nation, which is unacceptable. Of more than 600,000 veterans in Michigan, the state has roughly 135 Veteran Service Officers. VSOs navigate the red tape of the federal bureaucracy to help veterans obtain the benefits they earned for their service.

As a Republican, I do not believe in growing government or bureaucracy. But as the national defense is an appropriate role for the federal governor, we need to ensure we keep our promise to our veterans.

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